Lydia Mann


Mission Statement:

To support American men and women serving abroad in harm's way by supplying them with goodies, needs and comforts of home, along with thoughts and prayers, to let them know that we, at home, care and support them and that they are not forgotten.

Cell: 214-202-7609

About Us


* We send care packages year round.

* We support Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines from all 50 states.

* We support troops from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

* We ship to a diverse group of military recipients ... not to a single unit.

* We give priority to troops serving in tough conditions overseas.

* We are all volunteers, with no paid staff.

* We have about 100+ volunteers in the Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas area.

* We started sending military care packages in 2005.

* We are non-political.

* We welcome support from all Americans.

What we send


In our care packages to American troops in Afghanistan and other overseas posts, we send everything from sheets, towels, fans, food/snacks, socks, coffee, toiletries, games, DVD's, duct tape, batteries, extension cords, tools, bungee cords and converters.
Anything to make their stay a little easier and brighter and to help them feel the comforts of home.  Many of the females do not have access to feminine hygiene products. On occasion, soldiers may have access to PX (post exchange stores) type facilities, but often they do not carry a huge stock and supplies are often depleted.

Get Involved


1) Pick an item or items for your particular collection drive.
2) Print out flyers and distribute to your collectors.
3) For motivation, you can have internal contests to see which group collects the most.
4) If possible, set up collection boxes or donation jars at local businesses.
5) On completion, gather the goods and make sure all liquids are double bagged.
6) Pack up the boxes.
* Do not pack smelly items (air fresheners, BenGay, insect repellant) together with food items.
* Do not collect glass bottles, pork products, cans that require a can opener, or chocolates (except during winter).

7a) If in the Dallas area, email us for arrangements on receiving the goods.
7b) Outside of Dallas area, email us for instructions on where to mail the goods.



How can you help our nonprofit send care packages to some of the most remote of the roughly 225,000 U.S. military troops serving overseas in 2017?

1) Donate Financially - Our greatest need is cash for our mailing costs. With no paid staff, we strive to maximize the use of donations. We are a 501(c)(3) charity, so your  gifts are tax deductible. We accept checks to Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas, P.O. Box 116691, Carrollton, TX 75011. You can donate via credit card through our Click and Pledge account.

2) Donate Goods - Our all-volunteer charity is based in the Dallas area, but receives product donations from across the USA for care packages for our Soldiers and Troops overseas. We kindly request that you contact us at before sending any care package goods. 

Other ways to help


* Donate a percentage of sales to a patriotic cause. (i.e., "3% of all sales this weekend will be donated to support the troops.").  Customers will appreciate your support of the troops.

* Setup a matching donation program.
* Donate to a nonprofit based on employees volunteer hours.
* Place collection boxes or donation jars for employees and/or customers.  
* Donate surplus, misprinted, or other goods for the soldiers.
* Set up a Casual Friday where participants donate to a nonprofit.
Host any kind of contest (Fun  run, golf, poker, bowling, movie-watching party, concert, etc.) with donations going to the Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas.
And many, many more ways are listed on the website - visit!